Greetings! We have very exciting news to announce today. We have officially launched a greatly improved system to better support UTM values and source tracking, in an effort for Easy Retarget to be as invisible as possible during your campaign. Not to brag, but we now support UTM values better than ;).

As you may have noticed, if you did not use UTM parameters on your links before, then your Google Analytics or Kickstarter Dashboard may show “” as the referrer source, even if you posted your links to Facebook. That’s not right! You should be able to see the data for your campaign, and we should be a small tool in the background. With that said, we’re very proud to announce upgrade UTM and source support.

Not sure what UTM values even are?

No problem! UTM values are basically small identifiers that you tack onto the end of URLs. These then tell Google Analytics (or other tracking software) where the person came from. By default, you do not need to do this, but it allows for even more granular tracking of your traffic. To learn more about UTM values, and to add UTM values to your URL, check out the Google URL Builder.

Here’s how the three new scenarios play out for use with UTM values (or without):

SCENARIO 1 – You DO NOT Specify UTM Values

If you DO NOT specify UTM values (i.e. utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign) to your link, then we will automatically pass the referral information over to your dashboard. For example, if you post your link to Facebook and someone clicks on it, then your analytics will show the source as “”. The medium as “referral”, and the campaign as “ezrt”.

SCENARIO 2 – You Specify UTM Values on Your Full Link

If you DO specify UTM values on the non-shortened link, then those will override anything that we have passed through. For example, if you post that same link to Facebook, but specify the utm_source as “facebook-12345” then in your Kickstarter reporting you’ll see the source as “facebook-12345”, not

SCENARIO 3 – You Specify UTM Values on Your link

Yes, you can now add UTM values to the shortened link and those will be passed through properly. This is HUGE, as you no longer need to create a unique shortened link for each UTM parameter. Simple take your link and add UTM parameters to it just like you would any other link. Those values will then be passed through to your Google Analytics. However, keep in mind that within Easy Retarget we will still only show the link WITHOUT the parameters, and the clicks for that link are for ANY clicks to that link, they are not UTM specific.

Hopefully you’re as excited as we are with this update. Ready to give it a shot?

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