Removing Backers from Your Retargeting Audience

So you’re thinking about using Easy Retarget for your Kickstarter campaign to stay on the minds of people who visit your campaign. Chances are, you don’t want to show your retargeting ads to those who already backed the campaign though. Well fear not! We’ve got you covered. Since Kickstarter doesn’t allow for you to place a retargeting pixel on the thank you page, it takes a few clever steps, but this guide will walk you through step-by-step. Note: This requires Easy Retarget Pro.

1. Create Your First Retargeting Link – Start by clicking here to enter your Kickstarter URL. Enter your campaign URL (Note: Campaign preview URLs are fine to as these will automatically redirect to your live campaign).

2. Be sure to add your Facebook Pixel (and any other retargeting pixels you would like) to your link. After you Name your link and add your pixels, click “Submit”.


3. If you’re already an Easy Retarget member then you’ll see your new link provided to you. If not, then you’ll be asked to finalize your account.

4. Now that you’ve successfully created your primary retargeting link, we need to create a link for your backers to click on so we can identify and segment them.

5. From your My Links page within Easy Retarget click “New Link” and select “Create Pro Link”.

6. Once again you’ll be asked for your destination URL. However, you have a few choices here. The link that we’re creating now will be used in the email that gets sent to someone after they back the campaign. The destination isn’t as important as just having the user click on it, so use something enticing. Try to offer something of instant gratification for backing the campaign (i.e. a quick personal “Thank You for Backing Video”, or maybe a “Thank You Survey” of some sort. Regardless of where you want to send them, paste that URL as your destination URL.

7. Add your pixels to this link just like you did in step #2. Name your new link and click “Submit” to your second link.

8. Login to your Facebook Ad Account.

9. At the top left click on “Ad Manager”, then select “All Tools”, then click on “Audiences”.

10. Click “Create Audience” and select “Custom Audience”, then select “Website Traffic”

11. A window will popup, under the “Website Traffic” dropdown, select “Custom Combination”.

12. Paste your FIRST link into the URL Contains field (as shown below).


13. Next click “Add Exclusions”

14.Paste your SECOND link into the URL Contains field (as shown below).


15. Give your audience a name (i.e. Campaign Visitors – Excluding Backers), and click “Create Audience”.

16. Now you can create your retargeting ad within Facebook Manager just like you would any other Ad, but under audience, select your newly created audience so that the ad will only show to those people.

17. Now that your ad is created, setup an email or customized auto reply Thank You to send to your backers and paste your SECOND link into that email. Make sure you write your email in such a way to get as many of your backers to click on that second link.

18. Anytime someone clicks on that link they will be removed from your retargeting audience and not shown ads.

BONUS TIP: Create another custom audience for JUST your backers to thank them for supporting the campaign, and promoting them to share the campaigns with others. Here’s how:

1. Create a new custom audience and select website traffic. Then choose “Website Traffic: People who visit specific web pages”

2. Paste your SECOND link into the URL Contains field.

3. Name your audience (i.e. Campaign Backers) and click “Create Audience”

4. Now use that audience to create ads just targeting your backers.

You’re all set! Still have questions? Pro members get access to Premium Support and Coaching, so shoot us an email and we’ll help you out!