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FAQ - Easy Retarget


How Does Easy Retarget Work?

Kickstarter and many other websites don’t allow for the use of retargeting pixels of their website. However, EasyRetarget is not pixel based, it’s link based. This allows you to still take advantage of the power of retargeting when a pixel is not possible. Successful Kickstarter campaigns use Bit.ly links to keep track of how many people clicked on your link as well as other metrics. By using EasyRetarget instead of (or in conjunction with) Bit.ly you are able to track clicks and also automatically add people to your retargeting group.

Pro Account: How do I find/create my Facebook Pixel to add to my link?

Pro links require that you add the pixels to the link, this allows for more flexibility. In the case of Facebook, you need to copy and paste your pixel into the link. Here is how to find your pixel:

  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/pixel/facebook_pixel/
  2. Click “Actions”, then select “View Pixel Code”
  3. Copy the code in the box
  4. When you create your pro link, simply click “Add Pixel”, then “Create a New Pixel” and paste this code into the box that says “Pixel Code”
  5. Once the link has been saved that pixel will be saved to your account so you don’t need to copy and paste it each time.
  6. Now that the pixel has been added, you will want to create a new audience for your retargeting group.
  7. Go to https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/pixel/facebook_pixel/ again
  8. Click on “Create Audience”, a window will pop up.
  9. Enter the information just like we show below, but use YOUR EZRT.IO/XXXXXX link as the “URL Contains” field. You may also name your audience whatever you would like.Now when you create your retargeting ads, simply target the ads toward this audience and anyone that clicks on your ezrt.io/xxxx link will automatically be added to the audience and see your ads.

Can I edit my URL after my ezrt.io/xxxx link has been created?

Yes, this functionality is available for all PRO LINKs, it is not available for basic links. On your My Links page, you will see an “Edit Link” button. Click that and it will take you to a page that looks similar to the page you were on when you created that link to begin with. The top field will show you the destination of that link, simply update it with the URL of where you would like to send the traffic from now on. After you’re done, click “Save”. All traffic will now be routed to the new destination. This functionality can be VERY POWERFUL and save a ton of time, especially when using your ezrt.io/xxxx link for Facebook Ads.

I use AdRoll and placed the AdRoll pixel on my EZRT Pro link, how do I specify my ezrt.io/xxxx in AdRoll?

This tutorial should help get you going. For additional questions about the AdRoll interface we recommend contacting them directly. However, whenever they ask for the URL, simply use your ezrt.io/xxxx link. https://help.adroll.com/hc/en-us/articles/212677757-URL-Segments

How do I remove backers from my retargeting audience?

We’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial to answer this question. This functionality is only available for Easy Retarget Pro members. Find the complete tutorial here.

How do I create a retargeting audience in Google AdWords after I get my ezrt.io/xxxx link?

The following link will walk you through the process as outlined by Google. If they ask for your website URL, just use your ezrt.io/xxxx URL. https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2454064?hl=en

Do you offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a free trial since most of our customers use this for Kickstarter campaigns which only last 30-45 days.

Does Easy Retarget support Facebook conversion tracking using the Facebook pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is used for many different things. For example, the same pixel is used for Retargeting, as well as Conversion tracking, and even for generating look a like audiences, etc. Being a retargeting service, we support the retargeting functionality of the pixel. The conversion tracking functionality would require that the code be placed directly into Kickstarter’s thank you page, which unfortunately no one has access to. However, our segmenting backers tutorial will allow you to get as close to tracking conversions as possible. Simple use your second URL (step #14 of the tutorial) as the thank you page URL when creating the conversion in Facebook Ad Manager. Still have questions? No problem, contact support@easyretarget.com for more info about this!

My Kickstarter campaign hasn't started yet. How can I setup my ads on EasyRetarget?

It’s never too early to get setup for a successful Kickstarter launch. Once you have your Kickstarter campaign preview link the you’re ready to create retargeting ads with EasyRetarget. Simply use your preview link to create your EasyRetarget ads, once the campaign goes live that link will automatically redirect to your live campaign.

Does Easy Retarget support the Google URL builder, UTM tracking values and other URL variables?

Yes indeed (and better than Bit.ly we might add)! Our goal is to be as invisible as possible for the campaign, here are three use cases. However, please note, for Kickstarter campaigns you CANNOT use your Kickstarter shortened link and use UTM values as Kickstarter will remove all of them on their end. Be sure to use your full www.kickstarter.com link:
a. If you DO NOT specify UTM values (i.e. utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign) to your link, then we will automatically pass the referral information over to your dashboard. For example, if you post your ezrt.io/xxxx link to Facebook and someone clicks on it, then your analytics will show the source as “www.facebook.com”. The medium as “referral”, and the campaign as “ezrt”.

b. If you DO specify UTM values on the non-shortened link, then those will override anything that we have passed through. For example, if you post that same link to Facebook, but specify the utm_source as “facebook-12345” then in your Kickstarter reporting you’ll see the source as “facebook-12345”, not www.facebook.com

c. You can also add UTM values to the shortened link and those will be passed through properly. This is HUGE, you no longer need to create a unique shortened link for each UTM parameter. Simple take your ezrt.io/xxxx link and add UTM parameters to it just like you would any other link. Those values will then be passed through to your Google Analytics. However, note that within Easy Retarget we will still only show the link WITHOUT the parameters, and the clicks for that link are for ANY clicks to that link, they are not UTM specific. We STRONGLY recommend you use the Google URL Builder to append the UTM values.


We want to make sure you get the most out of Easy Retarget, so we take our support seriously. If you can’t find an answer to your question simply fill out the form below and we will respond within 24hrs.