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Affiliate Retargeting | Easy Retarget

Affiliate Link Retargeting

Standard affiliate links are great for tracking sales, but what if someone doesn’t purchase because they’re just not ready to buy? That’s where we come in. By utilizing an ezrt.io link which redirects to your affiliate link you’re able to capture anyone that goes to a third party site from your affiliate link, and then remarked to them. Pretty simple huh? Have another use case? Let us know!

Click Retargeting

If you’re spending money to drive traffic to your affiliate websites and not capturing clicks to retarget later on then you’re losing money. Even assuming an above average eCommerce rate of 10% , that still leaves 90% of the traffic that you drive to someone else’s site as not ready to purchase. If you’re driving qualified traffic then that just means not everyone is ready to buy right away, and that’s ok. By utilizing ezrt.io links for your campaigns your able to follow up with that 90% and entice them to come back and purchase, thus increasing your ROI.

Affiliate Link Analytics

By design we are a link retargeting tools, but but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Our built in analytics give you key metrics on link click activity, such as total number of clicks, devices, locations, etc. Want to take this even further? Create a Google Analytics property for all your Easy Retarget links, and grab the wealth of data that GA grabs for all your clicks.

Use this data to validate your other data sources such as ad targeting, affiliate network data, and  more.

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