Facebook has been a great resource for advertisement.  Anyone scrolling through Facebook is already looking for something to do.  That makes a great outlet for you to place ads.  Almost everyone uses Facebook and great posts circulate quickly through friends.

If you want to gain more traffic on your website, make more in sales, and create more customers you need to advertise on Facebook.  When using Facebook to advertise there are a few key points to keep in mind.  These 6 secrets will help you be more successful when advertising.

1. Test Test Test

testing ads

For any product that has multiple audiences a single ad will not work.  If your product is simple enough, like a new kind of stepping stool, there are many people that can use it.  There are families with small children, people who are shorter, or businesses.  When advertising to a family you will want warm vibrant colors that make them think your product would be great for their child.  A business would respond more to an organized presentation that shows that work can be expedited with your product.

When creating advertisements you must keep in mind that many people are going to view it and they will all be different.  That means that the first advertisement that you create may not be the best advertisement.  Nor will the second or the third.  You will need to test many advertisements before you are able to find one that works well for your brand.

By testing your advertisements you are able to see what aspects people responded well to and what one’s they did not.  In the end you may combine the best of all of the advertisements into one that is able to bring in the maximum amount of customers.  The end goal is to get your brand known so people can buy your products and services.

2. Buyer Persona’s are Relatable

buyer persona does matter

If your product or service uses a specific logo make sure it is front and center.  Your advertisement should show what it is selling right away.  Having your logo clearly visible makes it easier for people to understand what advertisement they are looking at.  It will capture their attention especially if they are already looking for a product similar to yours.  Creating a buyer persona can also help people recognize a business.

A buyer persona is different from a logo in that it is like a mascot for your company.  This mascot can take many forms and is able to adapt to whatever audience you are targeting.  Think about your audience.  Who are you trying to reach with your product?  That is a great place to begin creating a buyer persona.  If you cater strictly to women your persona should reflect that.

Once you have created a buyer persona you are able to change it per advertisement.  If you need a carefree ad for families have your persona relaxing on the beach.  Need one for your business oriented customers have the persona wear a blazer and tie.

Seeing the same logo or buyer persona can help to promote brand awareness as well.  As people see your logo more they will start to think your brand is more reputable.  They will want to purchase from a brand that is trustworthy and well known.  Repetition is key for customers to want to purchase from your business.

3. Backup Your Brand

backup your brand

When making a decision about a purchase people want to know that they can trust a brand.  A lot goes into trust.  It is hard for businesses who are just starting to gain this trust from customers that have not purchased from them in the past.  Trust comes from years of experience and satisfied customers.  Word of mouth is a great advertisement.

To provide these potential customers with this sense of trust use other people to show that your product or service is reliable and safe.  People do not like to waste money but will feel less apprehensive if they have a recommendation for a certain brand.  Hearing nine out of ten doctors agree…makes a person think that this product must be great.  If all those doctors agree that it works better than something else it is worth a try.

One way to provide this trust is through social proof.  Social proof can be used if you have a well known person actually use your product or service and review it.  If your business is big enough you can hire someone to test your product and review it as well.  Having a familiar face that already has credibility can be a great way for people to feel at ease during a purchase.

Without a specific person to provide feedback provide your customers with your stats.  If you business is already the number one in your town flaunt your status.  Say you have beat out the other four businesses in that town for best service.  Use what you have to show people you are going to provide them with excellent service.

4. Call to Action

call to action

A call to action can help you promote a sense of urgency in your customers.  This type of ad will outline what exactly the customer needs to do like buy a product or book an appointment.  This helps people have more direction once they reach your site.  When lacking direction people are not likely to follow through on a purchase.

Without a call to action people often browse through a website and then click away.  This stems from disinterest or the inability to find where to purchase your product.  While clicks boosts your traffic your conversion rates are staying low.  People are looking but they are not buying.  By providing them with more direction they are likely to complete the purchase and boost your conversion rates.

5. Make Images Pop

makes the image pop

Having an image that attracts the eye is key to drawing in customers.  If your advertisement is boring people are likely to scroll post you without a second thought.

How large or small your image is can change the feel to your advertisement.  If you are using a small image it will not draw the attention you need.  Too large of an image will not fit on a page especially on mobile browsers.

Avoid taking a small image and trying to enlarge it.  The quality of the image is going to diminish quickly.  An advertisement using a grainy image that you cannot make out all of the words will not be effective.

Images of faces are popular and can help bring more attention to your advertisement.  People respond well to other people’s experiences.  They are generally more interested even if they do not know the person in the image.

If you are not using an image of a person make sure your product or service is central in the image.  It should be easy to spot what you are selling.  Images should have colors that are contrasting so they stand out more.

People are very familiar with services like Instagram as well.  When using Instagram you are able to use filters on your pictures before you post them.  Making your images appear to have a filter on them will also help to bring more attention to your advertisement.

6. Find the Balance

find the right balance

People consider more than one aspect of their lives when making decisions.  That means they are going to think about your product or service in a logical manner.  Once they have thought it through they are also going to have some emotions that your product give them.

Not all products are going to incite a strong emotion.  However, even a small emotion can work in your advantage.  A product that makes someone’s day to day life a little easier and activities be completed faster will be appreciated by your customers.  They will be happy that your product was able to help them.

When balancing between a person’s logical and emotional side consider the differences between the two.  A person that is thinking emotionally will only want to know what they are getting out of using this product.  Logical thinking people are going to want to consider the facts and specifications of the product instead.

Cater your advertisement to include both sides of the spectrum.  Tell them how your new cleaning product cuts down cleaning time by half so they can enjoy the rest of their day with the family.  Also include facts like the main ingredients and what it does.

By providing both aspects you will appeal to all people looking at the item.  Some people will look for logic, others emotion, and some are able to find the balance and consider both.

By using these 6 secrets to Facebook advertising you will be able to see your progress, gain more customers, and sell more products.  Each of these secrets gives you insight into how people look at Facebook advertisements.  It is more than putting up a simple link to your product.  You must sell your brand and your product, create a relationship between you and the customer, and make something that is appealing to look at.