We’ve all heard of Kickstarter now, so it simply isn’t enough to just put your project up there and hope that people are going to invest. There are a lot of projects up on Kickstarter these days so you really need to do your homework to make sure your campaign gets noticed.

Luckily enough, we’ve got this kind of thing down to a fine art, so read on and check out our Kickstarter marketing tips.

1. Preparation Preparation Preparation

Before you get going you should ask yourself a few simple questions…

How much is your project going to cost?

Once you know this, you can properly map out the rewards structure.

What is the absolute minimum amount of funding you need?

Kickstarter campaigns will not pay out anything unless you reach your target figure. Even if you raised $999,999, if your target was $1m, you wouldn’t be paid a cent. So you must make sure you set a realistic target, otherwise you risk losing everything.

How long do you want the campaign to be?

Campaigns can last a maximum of 60 days and a minimum of 1 day. It might be tempting to create a campaign so it lasts as long as possible, but this isn’t necessarily the best thing. Sometimes a shorter campaign can work better, because it focuses people’s minds and creates urgency.

Are there any comparable projects looking for funding?

If there are then that will give you some free advice about the value of your own offering. It might be an idea to hold off your own campaign until the similar campaign is over too. Doing this will reduce your competition and will also give you a ‘true’ value to work from.

2. Tap your personal network

Your best advertising will come from people who already know you and who already believe in you. Take the time to sell them the concept – don’t just send out a mass mailer or a FB post with multiple tags – you should really be making the effort here. Once you’ve done that, your project stands a better chance of being shared and talked up. More on this here.

3. Video is your friend


Video is a great way to get your point across in a short enough amount of time to keep people’s attention. Try and stay under 2 minutes, and if you can make your case in just 1 minute, even better. Research shows that most people make the decision to pledge or to not pledge within the first minute of footage.

4. Make your Kickstarter page easy to skim through

However good your cause, most people simply won’t have the same interest in it as you do, so you need to tailor your output for people who are not paying full attention. Break up the text with killer headlines and don’t put people off by overloading the page with too much text.

5. Make your rewards logical

Each reward should be easily understandable with short descriptions. You must make it clear what people will get and when they will get it. Less is often more with rewards. 8-10 is normally the optimum figure but it does of course depend on the individual project.

6. Use plenty of images

These are what really hook people in. Take your time to find the most eye-catching imagery – it always pays off.

7. Shorten your links

Obviously, we recommend using our ezrt.io/xxxx shortened links for all your marketing activities since you can then retarget anyone who clicks on that link! However, if you don’t want to do retargeting (which would be crazy to not do!), we recommend using Bitly for boring old link shortening. As well as shortening the link, it gives you a useful range of stats, such as number of clicks and who is clicking. This kind of information is useful for deciding your ongoing marketing strategy.

More generally, remember that running a successful Kickstarter campaign is about so much more than just creating the campaign – you have to stay on it from beginning to end. You need to keep talking about it without annoying people and you need to keep trying to sell it to people who haven’t seen it yet.

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Most importantly: follow these 7 tips and who knows, maybe you might wind up with one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever!