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General FAQ | Easy Retarget
General FAQ

Have some standard questions about how Easy Retarget works? Start with our general FAQs.

Basic Plan FAQ

Have questions about creating a retargeting link and Facebook retargeting ad using the Easy Retarget Basic Plan?

Pro Plan FAQ

Want more information about using our Easy Retarget Pro Plan to create Pro links and manage pixels? That’s all here!


What's the difference between the Basic Plan and Pro Plan?

Our Basic Plan is designed for users who aren’t as familiar with pixels and retargeting. This plan is limited to just 5 URLs, and only allows for Facebook retargeting functionality. However, it will walk you step by step through creating an ad, and publishing your ad to Facebook, which makes it ideal for first time Facebook Ad users.

Our Pro Plan is designed with more experienced marketers and agencies in mind. With our Pro Plan you have the ability to use ANY pixels you would like. This includes, Facebook, Google AdWords, AdRoll, ReTargeter, and thousands of other pixels. We provide you with everything you need to manage and implement pixels and links. However, the ad creation is done directly within your ad network’s platform. For example, if you have a Google AdWords pixel that is being used you can easily include that pixel in your link, and then build your ads directly within your Google AdWords account.

The Pro Plan also allows you to edit link destinations AFTER you have created a shortened link. This is a huge benefit as it will allow you to use the same link for pre-campaign work, and then just change the destination in one spot, as opposed to having to change it manually on every placement and ad you may be running.

Pro Plan’s are limited to 35 links per account. Please contact us if you need more and we will provide more information on enterprise pricing.

Can I run ads on Instagram using Easy Retarget?

You can absolutely use Easy Retarget and place ads on Instagram as well! This part of the process is actually done through Facebook Ad manager directly though. Here is how to do this.
1. Login to your Facebook Ads account on Facebook.com or business.facebook.com
2. Click into your ad account and under campaigns you should see an account that starts with “Easy Retarget – XXXXXXXX”   (this is assuming you have already published one ad using our basic ad + link builder
3. Click into that campaign until you’re at the Ad Set level.
4. If you hover over the ad set name you’ll see that “Edit” is one option. Click that.
5. This will open up a new window/drawer from the right side of the screen.
6. Scroll down within this window until you see Placements. Instagram will be show there in the list. Simply check the boxes for the Instagram placements that you want and then click “Publish”.  After the campaign finishes publishing then your ads should start showing on Instagram.
Please note that Instagram does have different requirements for images, video length, etc.

Does Easy Retarget support the Google URL builder, UTM tracking values and other URL variables?

Yes indeed (and better than Bit.ly we might add)! Our goal is to be as invisible as possible for the campaign, here are three use cases. However, please note, for Kickstarter campaigns you CANNOT use your Kickstarter shortened link and use UTM values as Kickstarter will remove all of them on their end. Be sure to use your full www.kickstarter.com link:
a. If you DO NOT specify UTM values (i.e. utm_source, utm_medium, utm_campaign) to your link, then we will automatically pass the referral information over to your dashboard. For example, if you post your ezrt.io/xxxx link to Facebook and someone clicks on it, then your analytics will show the source as “www.facebook.com”. The medium as “referral”, and the campaign as “ezrt”.

b. If you DO specify UTM values on the non-shortened link, then those will override anything that we have passed through. For example, if you post that same link to Facebook, but specify the utm_source as “facebook-12345” then in your Kickstarter reporting you’ll see the source as “facebook-12345”, not www.facebook.com

c. You can also add UTM values to the shortened link and those will be passed through properly. This is HUGE, you no longer need to create a unique shortened link for each UTM parameter. Simple take your ezrt.io/xxxx link and add UTM parameters to it just like you would any other link. Those values will then be passed through to your Google Analytics. However, note that within Easy Retarget we will still only show the link WITHOUT the parameters, and the clicks for that link are for ANY clicks to that link, they are not UTM specific. We STRONGLY recommend you use the Google URL Builder to append the UTM values.

My Kickstarter campaign hasn't started yet. How can I setup my ads on EasyRetarget?

It’s never too early to get setup for a successful Kickstarter launch. Once you have your Kickstarter campaign preview link the you’re ready to create retargeting ads with EasyRetarget. Simply use your preview link to create your EasyRetarget ads, once the campaign goes live that link will automatically redirect to your live campaign.

How does EasyRetarget work?

Kickstarter and many other websites don’t allow for the use of retargeting pixels of their website. However, EasyRetarget is not pixel based, it’s link based. This allows you to still take advantage of the power of retargeting when a pixel is not possible. Successful Kickstarter campaigns use Bit.ly links to keep track of how many people clicked on your link as well as other metrics. By using EasyRetarget instead of (or in conjunction with) Bit.ly you are able to track clicks and also automatically add people to your retargeting group.

Why would I need more than 1 link for my Kickstarter campaign?

For many campaigns, 1 link is completely fine. However, if you want to further segment your users into different groups you can use multiple links (which is why we give you up to 5 for Easy Retarget Basic). For example, if you want to group everyone that comes from your media outreach and PR efforts into their own group, then you could create a unique link to JUST use for PR and Media Outreach. Additionally, for campaigns that use Google Analytics UTM parameters, more links are required to properly tag different sources.

Do you offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer a free trial since most of our customers use this for Kickstarter campaigns which only last 30-45 days.

Can I remove backers from my retargeting audience?

While there is not a perfect way to do this, we’ve put together a step-by-step tutorial with the best possible solution to answer this question. This functionality is only available for Easy Retarget Pro members. Find the complete tutorial here.

Does Easy Retarget support Facebook conversion tracking using the Facebook pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is used for many different things. For example, the same pixel is used for Retargeting, as well as Conversion tracking, and even for generating look a like audiences, etc. Being a retargeting service, we support the retargeting functionality of the pixel. The conversion tracking functionality would require that the code be placed directly into Kickstarter’s thank you page, which unfortunately no one has access to. However, our segmenting backers tutorial will allow you to get as close to tracking conversions as possible. Simple use your second URL (step #14 of the tutorial) as the thank you page URL when creating the conversion in Facebook Ad Manager. Still have questions? No problem, contact support@easyretarget.com for more info about this!

Can I use Bit.ly (or another redirected URL) with Easy Retarget?

Absolutely! Simply take your ezrt.io/xxxx link and plug it into Bit.ly or any other provider. Many times our users will purchase a custom URL from GoDaddy (i.e. www.mysweetkickstarter.com) and then just have it redirect to ezrt.io/xxxx.

Does Easy Retarget integrate with my Facebook Ad Account?

Yes. When you create a Basic Link + FB Ad within our system we will publish the ad and create the custom audience setup automatically within your account. After that, you can utilize this audience just like any other custom audience within your Facebook account. How cool is that?!

If I cancel my account, will my links stop working?

We’re not THAT mean. If you need to cancel your account, we will keep your ezrt.io/xxxx active, but all pixels will be removed so you will no longer be able to add people to your retargeting audiences.


We want to make sure you get the most out of Easy Retarget, so we take our support seriously. If you can’t find an answer to your question simply fill out the form below and we will respond within 24hrs.